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Personal (B)Log: 2021-04-01

I know I haven’t updated in three months. I don’t want you think that I haven’t been up to anything – I have a lot going on! I spent a lot of the winter in the Canaan Valley practicing skijoring with the Mud Doggo and didn’t think you guys would want to see a series of mostly repetitive trip reports. On one car camping trip I suffered through a couple days of snowing, windy, single-digit weather – causing temperatures to just reach freezing inside the car despite having me, the dog, and a small 250 watt space heater. I met a nice doctor that I started dating. And I acquired a brand new puppo that might have mud doggo chops.

I’ve also been guest writing or my friend Laura’s brand new health and fitness blog, AndiamoFit. She’s a registered nurse and certified health coach that just felt like doing something more to help people get and stay healthy, so feel free to check out her blog, or at least some of my guest posts: Very simple ways you can improve your life now, The Climb, Wrong With Me, and Let’s Go…Get a Dog!

Ok, that little bit of self-promotion aside, I know you’re just sitting there, squiring a little bit, wanting me to get to the new doggo already. He’s a cute little puppy about half Maggie’s size named Bruce. Bruce can no longer live with his little girl whom recently lost her father, but with me, at least they can still see each other from time to time.

Bruce, the Mud Puppo, with Maggie.
They mostly play-fight all day, then eat all of my dog food like starving children.

Unfortunately, things have been relatively quiet since the puppo showed up. Maggie’s overbite resulted in an abscess that burst through her gums. We’re still waiting for a procedure appointment with one of several dental vets, so our outings have been mostly on hold. I took them both to the dog park today – the puppo’s first time – and they had a blast running around with a bunch of other dogs.

I’ve also started working full time again since December. It’s been interesting to see just how much this past year has affected everyone. For the most part, we’re all making space for each other and I’m optimistic that a lot of us are going to have a pretty nice summer. Personally, I’m hoping to start the trip reports back up at the end of April. In the meanwhile, I may write some destination guides or doggo posts – some things you guys have been asking me about.