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  • Profile: The Mud Doggo

    Profile: The Mud Doggo

    Woof. Arrrrrrrroo. Maggie, the Mud Doggo Some years ago, I was as far down on my luck as I had ever been. I suffered from a broken heart. Living was a daily struggle and frustrating exercise of cleaning up failure stuck on repeat. I was alone and felt discarded like trash that had been dumped…

  • Personal (B)Log: When You Can’t Have an Adventure

    Personal (B)Log: When You Can’t Have an Adventure

    “You’re just lazy.”“You have a bad attitude.”“You can always make time for adventure.” There is truth in these statements. If my priority was to get out into the world I would be there, but I’m not quite there just yet. Back in February, Maggie, the mud doggo, developed a little sinus issue right around the…

  • Personal (B)Log: Finding Faith in the Dark

    Personal (B)Log: Finding Faith in the Dark

    The night before I took the Mud Doggo in for surgery I had a dream that I remembered the next morning. I was in a tiny rowboat in the ocean on dark and cloudy night, far enough out to not see land, but close enough to see a lighthouse warning ships away from sharp rocks…

  • Personal (B)Log: 2021-04-01

    Personal (B)Log: 2021-04-01

    I know I haven’t updated in three months. I don’t want you think that I haven’t been up to anything – I have a lot going on! I spent a lot of the winter in the Canaan Valley practicing skijoring with the Mud Doggo and didn’t think you guys would want to see a series…