The Mud Kingdom

A magical place, an independent spirit.

Author: David Lin

  • Trip Report: 2023-12 Maui, HI

    Trip Report: 2023-12 Maui, HI

    Formed from the ocean floor millions of years ago, twin volcanic cones, known as a “volcanic doublet” rose out of the waters of the Pacific Ocean as an island in the Hawaiian Archipeligo. Maui is host to a diverse range of landscapes and microclimates over 727 square miles full of natural wonders.

  • Echoes


    When I first took the mud doggo home, I was trying to recover from a heart attack that revealed three widowmaker blockages spread across my heart, two of which remained untreated when I left the hospital. I wouldn’t have taken her home if she wasn’t about to be put down. I was her only hope,…

  • The Quest, Final

    The Quest, Final

    It’s come to an end. I failed to heal my permanently broken heart. I accept this loss. I still remain. The heart procedure I had in December revealed significant progression of my condition – my hamburger heart. I have since returned to the Rockies as this may be the last season I can tolerate the…

  • The Quest to Heal My Broken Heart

    The Quest to Heal My Broken Heart

    Near the end of 2019, after four years of dragging my body along the trail of life, my physical health had degraded once again leaving me in the waiting room of my cardiologist’s office. The usual battery of tests could only tell them that something was wrong enough to convince my health insurance to pay…

  • Hamburger Heart: Part 10

    Hamburger Heart: Part 10

    Toward the end of 2019 I felt well enough to try to tackle a long put off visit to the old country. With two stents installed and most of the known arterial blockages in my heart held open, after three and a half years, I was working full time even though I had to use…

  • Hamburger Heart: Part 9

    Hamburger Heart: Part 9

    My first appointment with my cardiologist couldn’t happen soon enough, but their case loads tend to be formidable. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans after all. I was figuratively and literally dying to know what was next…