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  • Echoes


    When I first took the mud doggo home, I was trying to recover from a heart attack that revealed three widowmaker blockages spread across my heart, two of which remained untreated when I left the hospital. I wouldn’t have taken her home if she wasn’t about to be put down. I was her only hope,…

  • The Quest to Heal My Broken Heart

    The Quest to Heal My Broken Heart

    Near the end of 2019, after four years of dragging my body along the trail of life, my physical health had degraded once again leaving me in the waiting room of my cardiologist’s office. The usual battery of tests could only tell them that something was wrong enough to convince my health insurance to pay…

  • Personal Blog: 2023-03 The Beast

    Personal Blog: 2023-03 The Beast

    I have been on a journey since I left Virginia back in November. From my old hometown of Herndon, VA, I packed my belongings into a small U-Haul van and drove up to Philadelphia, PA to pick up and move into my home on wheels. From there I crossed the American Midwest through Columbus, OH…

  • Personal (B)log: 2022-12 Change Request

    Personal (B)log: 2022-12 Change Request

    When I returned home from a month on the road at the end of July, I decided to sell out. I mean that in a lot of different ways. I sold my belongings that wouldn’t fit in a van. I sold my house. I even sold the domain name to my blog ( is dead,…

  • Trip Report: 2022-07 Mt. Evans, CO

    Trip Report: 2022-07 Mt. Evans, CO

    Mount Evans is a high peak in the Front Range and prominent Fourteener (14er) with a 14,271′ elevation summit. Along with several other peaks of the Front Range, Mount Evans dominates the skyline of a hundred miles of the great plains to the east. In March 2022, Clear Creek county approved a state proposal to…

  • Trip Report: 2022-07 Guanella Pass, CO

    Trip Report: 2022-07 Guanella Pass, CO

    Guanella Pass is a high mountain pass in the Front Range west of Denver. The pass, which has an elevation over 11,660′, hosts a scenic byway that connects I-70 in the north with US highway 285 in the south, and runs near a pumped hydroelectric power plant above Georgetown, CO. Trip Length Overnight Activities Camping,…