The Mud Kingdom

A magical place, an independent spirit.

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  • Profile: The Mud Doggo

    Profile: The Mud Doggo

    Woof. Arrrrrrrroo. Maggie, the Mud Doggo Some years ago, I was as far down on my luck as I had ever been. I suffered from a broken heart. Living was a daily struggle and frustrating exercise of cleaning up failure stuck on repeat. I was alone and felt discarded like trash that had been dumped…

  • Profile: The Mud Kingdom

    Profile: The Mud Kingdom

    I use the term ‘Mud Kingdom’ to refer to all the things that make up my life. It is my domain, my people, our shared cultural values, and combined destiny. My use of the word ‘mud’ may seem self-deprecating, but my choice of the word comes from a term I read once describing the hearty…