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  • The Quest, Final

    The Quest, Final

    It’s come to an end. I failed to heal my permanently broken heart. I accept this loss. I still remain. The heart procedure I had in December revealed significant progression of my condition – my hamburger heart. I have since returned to the Rockies as this may be the last season I can tolerate the…

  • The Quest to Heal My Broken Heart

    The Quest to Heal My Broken Heart

    Near the end of 2019, after four years of dragging my body along the trail of life, my physical health had degraded once again leaving me in the waiting room of my cardiologist’s office. The usual battery of tests could only tell them that something was wrong enough to convince my health insurance to pay…

  • Personal Blog: 2023-08 My Quest

    Personal Blog: 2023-08 My Quest

    I confided in an old friend my misgivings about spending a year traveling across the country, conceding that it would damage my career, my finances, and my future earning potential. She told me it was alright so long as I knew what I was doing. I didn’t have the heart to tell her directly, but…