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  • Hamburger Heart: Part 5

    Hamburger Heart: Part 5

    From the cath lab I was wheeled directly to the ICU. A collagen plug was holding my femoral artery closed with its anchor stabbed through a major nerve. I was gritting my teeth through incredible pain while being told that I shouldn’t move at all, not even to turn my head, and that I should…

  • Hamburger Heart: Part 4

    Hamburger Heart: Part 4

    Fifteen years before my trip to the cath lab, I awoke and rose before the hot Texas sun climbed above the horizon. There was something a little unusual about that morning – as freshman cadets we were conditioned to be constantly harassed by the upperclassmen, a cheerful component of an education meant to reduce our…

  • Hamburger Heart: Part 3

    Hamburger Heart: Part 3

    I did what any sensible 33 year old man would do. I threw myself off a mountain on a bike. Rode world-class whitewater both inside and outside of a raft…

  • Hamburger Heart: Part 2

    Hamburger Heart: Part 2

    I can’t say that I have no idea where my heart issues came from, there were a few clues. About a year before my heart attack, I had been working for the same company for six years, I was in deeply in love with a girl that I had been dating for two years, and…

  • Hamburger Heart: Part 1

    Hamburger Heart: Part 1

    I’m writing a series of stories by which to explain myself so that the people associated with me don’t have to keep doing it. My hope is to eventually publish this as a book that will help perhaps some people gather some of my wisdom without having to live through my lessons. Please do send…